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Viktor Frankl: Existentialist along with the Father of Logotherapy


Background Development

Just like a former student of Freud, Viktor Frankl includes a psycholanalyical orientation, however, he was influenced by the writing of existential philosophers like Heidegger, Scheler, and Jaspers. Frankl start to develop their particular existential philosophy and therapeutic technique. To prevent confusion with Bingswanger’s existential analysis, Frankl created the word Logotherapy. Based on Frankl, Logotherapy originates from the spirtual, while existential analysis proceeds toward the spirtual.

Frankl first book was printed in 1946 within the German language and altered into British in 1959, underneath the title From Dying Camp to Existentialism. This book was later revised to incorporate the fundamental concepts of Logotherapy, and re-distributed in 1962, underneath the title Man’s Look for Meaning.

Philosophy and ideas

Frankl believes that even underneath the extreme physical and mental stress within the concentration camp man can preserve his spiritual freedom of independence of mind. They are able to evaluate which shall become of him psychologically and sparitually. It’s mainly the sparitual freedom that cannot be removed. Furthermore, based on Frankl, if there is intending to existence furthermore, there are intending to suffering, since suffering, like dying, is unquestionably an unavoidable a part of existence.

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The kind of the infant

The person could be a unity comprised of three aspects: your body, the mind, along with the sparit. The first two are carefully related and together in the psychophysicum while using teaching of Freud, Adler, and Jung there is a working understanding from the body and mind, but have neglected the spiritual side of human dimension. Logotherapy concentrate on this third dimension, the spiritual man. Spirituality may be the chief attribute of those, and using this derives conscience, love, and aesthetic conscience. The 2nd characteristics of human existence is freedom. Being human, gets the chance to determine. Man is provided for free to find out which he’ll be next instant. Freedom means freedom on three levels: when, the inherited disposition, along with the atmosphere. True, individual are influence by each one of these factors, but they’re liberal to accept or reject also to experience a stand toward these conditions.

Man doesn’t simply exist, he decides what his existence will most likely be. Since man goes above biological, mental, and sociological conditions, which predictions are based, they’re individually unpredictable. The Following factor of human existence is responsibility. People freedom isn’t just freedom from but freedom to something, which based on Frankl, may be the individual’s responsibilities. Logotherapy attempts to really result in the client fully conscious of his/her responsibilities they have to choose what, concerning the so that you can whom, they have recognized to get responsible.

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The main motivation may be the individual isn’t the need to please or possibly the desire to power, nonetheless the desire to meaning. It’s mainly the that numerous deeply inspires man, this is actually the most human phenomenon of, since your dog never worries concerning the thought of its existence. Meaning isn’t produced by individual, but was discovered by them. Man gives intending to their lives by realizing creative values, by achieving tasks. Individual realize values by their attitudes toward destained, or inevitable suffering.

They are attitudinal values along with the possibility for realization exist before the last moment of existence, suffering thus has meaning. The necessity to meaning isn’t a driving pressure within the psychodynamic sense. Values of itself doesn’t drive a guy, they don’t push him, but instead pull him. They might need choices or decisions, man isn’t driven to moral behavior in every single instance he decides some factor morally. He’s carrying this out regarding grounds by which he commits themselves, or for an individual he loves or in reference to his God.

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