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NIACL AO vs RBI Grade B which is better?


The job of insurance AO is working in a commercial organization for business activity. While RBI job is the regulator and central banker’s job. According to a survey, people have said that RBI Grade B is better in terms of salary, benefits, job profile, and career progression. However, people who want to work in the insurance business can choose to work as NIACL AO. They are great for gaining first-hand experience of how small businesses operate.

An AO is responsible for the implementation of insurance plans by providing guidance and support to employees, customers, prospects, and stakeholders. The most important role of AO is to devise a customer service strategy for an organization. RBI Grade B is a direct Manager level post and offers the opportunity to reach the Top Management in the central bank of the country. This is a challenging but rewarding career with the possibility to work in various domains such as Central Banking, Treasury, Monetary Policy, and many more! 


The Generalist Administrative Officer is a Scale-I job profile that holds major responsibilities of the New India Assurance Company Limited. They are provided with lucrative salaries and other perks & allowances. It offers many perks, including salary. It also operates 8 hours a day from 9:30-5:30 every day. This minimum & maximum pay scale is outlined in the job profile and allowances and admissible perks help to further define this. The allowances to the Administrative Officer are as follows:

  • Dearness allowance
  • House rent allowance
  • Transport allowance
  • City compensatory allowance
  • Company/leased accommodation

The responsibilities of a NIACL AO are:

  • The work profile of the First entry-level officer.
  • Dealing with policymaking, clauses, risk proposals and authorization of claims
  • Files the official returns and statements 
  • Insurance is the business of providing protection against potential risks that may cause financial loss. It is one of the most significant segments in the global economy. Managers and oversight groups are an important part of insurance companies, overseeing the issuance of policies, settling claims, keeping track of consumer data, and more.

Career Growth: As soon as applicants are given their offer letter, they will need to sign a bond & set of contracts. This includes agreeing to work for the company for 4 years (including 1-year of probation). After this period is over, the responsibilities of being an AO will increase along with their increments to the NIACL AO salary. 

About RBI Grade B

The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is the most important banking and financial institution in India and with a vast network of more than 2,000 offices across the country. To maintain this network, it has been organizing the RBI Grade B exam for recruitment of Grade B Officers in the Reserve Bank of India. The Reserve Bank of India Grade B officer is one of the most sought after positions in the banking sector. The candidate must have completed a bachelor’s degree in any discipline with at least 50% marks. 

The following are some of the common responsibilities of this job:

  • Managing finances 
  • Preparing financial reports
  • Providing key information to management
  • Maintaining business data
  • Coordinating with other departments or employees for specific tasks

Successful applicants are inducted into the bank as officers in the following departments:

  • General
  • Department of Economic and Policy Research
  • Department of Statistics and Information Management

The number of vacancies year-wise:

  • RBI Grade B 2021 322
  • RBI Grade B 2019 199
  • RBI Grade B 2018 166
  • RBI Grade B 2017 161

Grade-B officers are the backbone of the Reserve Bank of India. The roles that they perform are highly competitive and require a lot of time on their hands. These officers are also known to enjoy many benefits, which include Dearness Allowance, Local Allowance, House Rent Allowance, Family Allowance. 

Basic Pay Rs. 35,150/- p.m.

Gross Emoluments Rs. 75,831/-(approx.)

NIACL AO vs RBI Grade B – What to Choose?

The answer to the question solely lies in your interest. The exam pattern is different in both examinations. You should choose the job role that you like. RBI Grade B job is one of the most difficult jobs to be done. Banking is never easy and many banking organizations are also facing the challenge of how to reduce their cost.

NIACL AO is not only one of the most difficult jobs but it is also one of the most rewarding ones. Institutions need to hire qualified people who are capable of dealing with challenging situations while maintaining a sense of balance. 

You should go through the career growth of both the jobs and choose the one that you like. Salary indeed works as a motivation; thus, you should consider it as well. Are you somebody who wants to make a difference and play a major role in the Indian economy? If so, the RBI Grade B job could be for you. You’ll be able to take charge of your own web of responsibilities at work and will have more control over your professional life than most other industries. 

The New Indian Assurance AO Job Role is a new role that has been created to accommodate the changes in the insurance industry. It is a time consuming and high-pressure job that requires a person to consistently create engaging content for customers. The New Indian Assurance AO Job Role is also responsible for responding to customer enquiries, preparing marketing collateral, developing marketing strategies, managing social media and websites, and liaising with external stakeholders.

The Indian Assurance AO job role will be responsible for engaging with the public and building the company’s brand by overviewing issuance, events, press releases and social media posts. This is a challenging but rewarding role that will require a person who has experience in public relations and social media management. 

The Reserve Bank of India Grade B job role is a job role that has been created by the Reserve Bank of India. This job role can be a great opportunity for graduates with a keen interest in finance and economics. In India, the Reserve bank of India grade B job role is a recognized position in the Indian banking sector.

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