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My Myers-Briggs Rant


I am nearly to whack among the sacred cows within the HR world, the Meyers-Briggs Type Inventory (MBTI) test, if you are a sizable fan within the MBTI you might want to quit now, or continue studying and flame me within the comments.

I’ll summarize the MBTI by stating that it’s personality inventory test according to Jung’s theory of opposites. It assumes you’ll find four critical factors in the personality which are binary: either you’re and introvert (I) or even an extrovert (E). Meaning the MBTI can assign you to definitely certainly certainly among 16 personality types, according to your solutions. The MBTI cult asserts this personality type is extremely significant with whom you’ll be able to cope with, what jobs you fit, that you ought to marry, and a lot of other existence decisions. Read more details on it here and here.

Will it be apparent to suit your needs this can be nonsense? Listed here are my observations:

Jung’s theory of opposites is a psychoanalytic theory designed to identify and treat psychopathologies, to not classify healthy people. Additionally to within its realm, it’s considered only as being a metaphor, less a dependable personality model.

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Up to now after i understand, the MBTI isn’t validated to show it genuinely measures just what it states measure. Its correlations against other, greater quality personality measurements are extremely weak.

The questions within the MBTI yield a ongoing quantitative value, but you’re utilized on one category or any other in the scale with assorted apparently arbitrary cutoff value. So, for example, my score across the thinking/feeling scale is really close to the cutoff that i am utilized on different groups for the way I am feeling after i make test.

I have encounter lots of introverts who can be very extroverted once the situation requires it, so other pursuits it’s, the MBTI is not a predictor of behavior.

Okay, when were our objections I’d just sneer advertising online as being a badly designed psychometric instrument and be pleased with it. Nonetheless the planet generally, and industry particularly, has siezed across the MBTI because the reply to personality and compatibility. Well, I have personally seen:

Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI): Administering a Personality Test

Qualified candidates not hired because “they’ve the incorrect personality profile for the task.”

People denied promotions because “their personality wouldn’t fit the manager team.”

People moved from software development projects to software quality assurance (testing and bug fixing) because “their personalities are usually suitable for that sort at work.

I am not lounging these outrages inside the feet within the MBTI, it’s idiot managers and HR staff who’re the explanation for misusing it. Nonetheless the dwelling within the MBTI is really simple it appears irresistible to assign people to pigeonholes they could never escape because, presumeably, their personality type is bound.

So personally, I would suggest that you simply stop when using the MBTI therefore we burn all copies out of this, however know I have were built with a large nick within my shoulder. If you think you need to depend about this, you need to no under blend it with another, better validated, instrument such as the Strong Inventory, or apply it simply as being a beginning point for discussion and do not strive advertising online as being a personality measure, or blend it with your intuitive take a look at someone’s personality.

But in addition for heaven’s sake, don’t stamp an individual’s MBTI score utilizing their brow and allow it to determine the trajectory in the career.

Okay, I am carried out with the rant and you will start tossing sticks and gemstones if you want.

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