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Is Solving Previous Years’ Question Papers Helpful for GATE? 



It hasn’t been long since the pandemic entered our lives, but its aftereffects are here to stay. Due to this, thousands of aspirants feared the cancellation of exams- especially competitive exams like GATE. But the situation is better now. And the authorities have finally released the official notification for GATE 2022. Are you a candidate too? Do you struggle to keep up with the examination pattern? We recommend you start solving question papers from previous years. 

But before we discuss the importance of the same, you might want to check your GATE eligibility. 

It brings us to an important question- 

Am I Eligible to Appear for GATE? 

You are eligible for the GATE 2022 Examination if you are a candidate from the third year of your UG program (or higher) or have already completed a degree approved by the Indian government in Architecture/ Engineering/ Technology/ Arts/ Science/ Commerce. Below, we have summarized the eligibility for this session, but you can check the GATE Eligibility in detail here. 


Qualifying Degree  Description of eligible candidates
BE/ BTech/ BPharm  Currently in the 3rd year or higher or already completed
B.Arch  Currently in the 3rd year or higher or already completed
B.Sc (Research)/BS  Currently in the 3rd year or higher or already completed
MSc/MA/MCA or equivalent  Currently in the first year or higher or already completed
Int ME/ M.Tech (Post-B.Sc)  Currently in the 1st/ 2nd/ 3rd/4th year or already completed
Int ME/ M.Tech or Dual Degree (after Diploma or 10+2)  Currently in the 3rd/ 4th/5th year or already completed
Int M.Sc/ Int BS-MS  Currently in the 3rd year or higher or already completed
Professional Society Examinations (equivalent to BE/BTech/BArch)  Completed Section A or equivalent of such professional courses

Importance of Previous Years’ Question Papers 

When you look at past question papers, you get to understand the overall pattern of examination and the types of questions asked. Here are the primary reasons why you would like to check them out: 

  • You will be able to identify how the questions have evolved over the years and what kind of answers the examiners are expecting from you. 
  • It will be easier to track the outdated technology. You would also know what substitutes do the current people in tech use. Your answer will be more accurate this way. 
  • Solving question papers lets you understand your current level of preparation and increases your confidence when practiced time and again. 
  • You won’t be overwhelmed during the exams, since you will be used to solving the question paper already. 
  • You will be ready for any tricky questions or twisted concepts since you would have identified and practiced solving them previously! 

Which Years To Consider? 

There is no point in solving question papers based on an outdated syllabus. But how do you know till what year the syllabus isn’t outdated? No need to check the individual syllabi of every year. Just follow a simple rule- don’t go back to more than five years. Preferably, you should focus on three years: 

  1. GATE 2021 Question Paper 
  2. GATE 2020 Question Paper 
  3. GATE 2019 Question Paper 

But you can also check out the question papers from 2018 and 2017 to get an idea of how the pattern and syllabus have evolved. We would advise you to go through the GATE 2021 and GATE 2020 question paper if you want to understand the current question paper pattern. 

Tips to Consider 

While solving these question papers, try to follow these tips: 

  • Do not start solving the papers before completing the syllabus. You may feel like a lot is left to study. It will ultimately demotivate you in the long run. 
  • Go through the question papers every 15 days while preparing (without solving them). It will help you prepare accordingly, and you will be prepared for all types of questions in advance. 
  • Solve the question paper from the previous session first, and proceed further back. 
  • Solve question papers before proceeding ahead with mock tests and sample papers. It would be easier to identify the sources that actually follow the accurate pattern of questions, and you can skip the sample papers that look inaccurate or outdated. 

With that said, you must also refer to a few more resources, like updated notes from online and offline resources, subject-wise syllabus, a pool of full forms and difference between articles, MCQs, and many more. Try making running notes on a notepad or sticky notes while preparing. It will be a great source of revision. 

With this, we hope you prepare the best for your exams, and we wish you all the best for your future. Adios! 


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