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Are Geniuses Nerds and Socially Inept?


Society features a inclination to hold that geniuses are nerdy and socially inept, but is niagra stereotype reality based? Really it has been established to obtain statistically false and never having a bit, a real nerdy genius may be the exception for that rule. Very number of geniuses are clumsy, nerdy or non-attractive.

How can this stereotype be so wrong? Well, possibly it has been perpetuated by Hollywood because movie goers fell insecure regarding intelligence levels and like to check out smart people portrayed within the negative light? This is often my own in the products has happened and possibly why this myth persists.

It might appear sensible when the genes complete the job a genius may be attractive by human standards. Symmetrical people are generally selected as enjoyable searching or attractive, by choice. The greater achieved people achieve choose who they marry and so pick more symmetrical mates? Appears like this type of apparent factor (natural selection), that people cannot attribute lots of discussion with this particular fact. This is often my own across the issues.

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I have belief so great sense should prevail and so forth an idea passes the smell test, Occam’s Razor and transformative study of mammals initially glance of Earth. But in addition for anybody including myself to simply accept these as details and discard the stereotype, we have to have record data as proof. Indeed it has been created by Professor Dean Simonton who researched that statistically geniuses aren’t nerds whatsoever typically, really certainly not it.

Trying to find that solution, I’ve done some self-reflecting concerning this issue. Strangely enough I’ve been known as genius enough occasions within my career and for that reason, let us consider a hypothetical because situation let us say for example that i’m a “genius” or borderline one? Regardless of the definition is?

Well, knowing from myself, I’m very social (after i choose to get), an excellent conversationalist, excellent looks, not by much, but enough to complement (symmetrical, patrician), along with a super athlete in multiple sports. So, indeed I will need to conclude that what society calls geniuses or notables it’s miss-labeled and stereotyped incorrectly.

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